BLACK+DECKER Mobiler Werkbank Workmate WM825

Zubehörtyp: Arbeitstisch, Verpackungseinheit: 1 Stück, Für Material: Holz; Kunststoff; Metall, Spannbackenöffnung von maximal 205 mm


Varta Industrial Batterien Megapack

Batterietyp: AA/AAA, Verpackungseinheit: 40 Stück


Microsoft Surface Studio Hands-On!

Is this the future of Computing? The new Microsoft Surface Studio is an incredible All In One PC with a Zero Gravity Hinge to transform the computer in to a Digital Canvas. Is this better than the Apple iMac 5K? I think this could be the most innovative computer we have seen in a while. Would you like to see a Full Surface Studio Review?


Microsoft’s Surface Dial Hands-On!

The $100 hardware accessory is basically a standalone wireless knob that lets users adjust a whole bunch of different things with a turn. The hardware itself is simple, but nice. It’s got a good heft to it and a premium feel, and it glides smoothly, without offering enough give to accidentally turn too far.