Scam and fraud Discovered on a Big Scale using Bill Gates Identity

Several times already I’ve got a sponsored link on Facebook announcing an unexpected breakthrough by Bill Gates.

When following this link, it brings you to a CNN Money Website

It is saying basically that Bill Gates has found the algorithm with the help of the best programmer’s worldwide to beat the best stock market specialist and that out of 4 stock market titles 3 would be successful. This algorithm would be accurate at 75%.

The CNN-Finance Website is announcing the following:

Bill Gates is one of the worlds brightest people still alive. He also happens to be the worlds richest, while still remaining humble and giving. But his latest breakthrough is something unexpected. He spent over $2.5 billion dollars and countless man hours building it, and if it works as expected, Bill Gates would be first person in history to single handedly reshape our economy with his latest project

Before we go into details of what Gates Way is and how this new works, let’s get some facts straight. The top 1% currently is hoarding 241$ trillion dollars, which is enough to give every single person on earth a cool 6 figure check of $103,200. And since most of this wealth is being traded by Wall Street daily, theoretically it can all be take back by outsmarting the Wall Street traders. And Bill Gates did just that – he built a computer code that outsmarts any human trader on earth.

It’s an algorithm, designed to take from the top 1% wealthy people and redistribute the money back to regular people. This algorithm literally beats the stock market with an accuracy of 75%, which means you will be winning 3 trades out of 4. You might wonder, what will keep the Wall Street from using this software and making us even poorer? The answer is simple – this software is hard coded to only work with Binary Options trading platforms, which means the trades are limited to 250$ per trade. Wall Street is trading trillions, so 250$ just isn’t going to cut it for them. However, for regular people this is huge! At the moment software isn’t released yet but as Bill Gates team demonstrated to us – it already works and generates around $2,000 – $4,000 profits a day per trading account!

If the software goes live, regular people will slowly drain the pile of cash that is hoarded by top 1%. Sure the transition will be slow but actually it’s better this way, because if wealth was redistributed in short period of time, economy would crash worldwide. So in this case, slower is better.

On that Website, there is a referral link to a YouTube Video showing Bill Gates Talking at TED Talks about this latest breakthrough.

And finally, it brings you to the Gates-Way Website where you can open a trader account for your future success, thanks to that unbelievable algorithm. The minimum charge is 250 bucks.

This sounds all to nice. So, let’s dig down to the dirt and show this fraud.

The first link will misguide you to instead the official CNN

And by the way. The Facebook comments are not showing to Facebook but to

And who registered this Domain

Registrar, of course Bill Gates the IT-Mogul with his worldwide biggest server farms is registering with Namecheap. Questions?

The CNN Page looks identical but all fake. When searching the official CNN Money Website, nothing can be found. Remember it is only a historical breakthrough, right!

Let’s go on to the Ted Talk on YouTube. Bill Gates is to be seen on stage talking at Ted Talk. But it is not Bill Gates voice we are listening to. Somebody else with a mousie voice is talking and not even in sync. The Official Ted Talk was held at Ted Talk in 2015 and Bill Gates spoke about the global outbreak of Ebola. He brought a green barrel on stage as a symbol of the hazard.

In this rigged Ted Talk the Ebola sign has been covered by the Gates Way Sign. And as the original Ted Talk was abused the green barrel can be seen. Bill Gates clothing match.

When lured finally to the ⇒GatesWay Website and you go to ⇒MyAccount you can see the PlusOption. 

Well, PlusOption is a iframe. A Frame within a Frame. Showing the visitor a Website from another place.

Please note the URL change. Changes from to Same Site but the inner frame from a different location.

The Website seems to be very busy. Everything is tidy prepared but the Live Chat windows shows network error. Do they not wont a chat with somebody? What are they hiding?

The company shows their address in Romania. Would be interesting to see what that address looks like.

At Google StreetView you will get the idea.

At the Account registration, the US seems not to exist. Are they afraid of lawsuits?

And a final look to the Registrar of PlusOption. It is registered to a P.O.Box in Panama.

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  1. Just Me
    Just Me sagte:

    Haha knew it was a scam, thanks for the in depth explanation hope people are smart enough to google if it’s a scam and find this article. Good job thanks!

    • Poul
      Poul sagte:

      Ask your bank or creditcard company to make a CHARGE BACK – because of documented FRAUD. It will get your money back and When more people do this, all credit card companies will quickly close them down.

  2. oswa
    oswa sagte:

    Thanks for the info…just tried to register and was on step 2 when I got a call from an unknown number asking for details of my credit card. The guy was persuasive and talked nicely in an Indian accent. He gave up on me after noting that I could not disclose extra details of my credit card.

  3. Liam
    Liam sagte:

    Binary Options is a mine field for such a scam. There is no easy way or easy money. You have to develop your skill set by
    learning. There are some decent brokers out there, but really stay away from Binary Options

  4. Dummy
    Dummy sagte:

    Registered and gave away e-mail and telefon number and credit Card figures, before seeing it was scam. The credit Card are now stopped and replaced with another. The phone’s blokked with several numbers and every e-mail is being set to spam. Stupid me too, but wished it would have worked.

  5. Pete
    Pete sagte:

    I got the scam email. Thank you so much for in depth and readily available research. Hope others look up and do the same.

  6. Per Høyer Stensnæs
    Per Høyer Stensnæs sagte:

    Gave my phonenumber … 93 seconds later first call came in – during the last hour i have had 23 calls from all kind of – give-us-your-money-sites :-(

  7. Mike
    Mike sagte:

    The minute i saw this website i knew it was scam. The spelling, the grammar. Everything just didn’t look right.The voice over is terrible and is not synced with Bill Gate’s voice…… And the dead giveaway….. Drum Roll….. Why would Bill Gates spend this kind of money on something like this. Bill is not a trader. And the green Barrel…….. WTF is a green barrel doing on the stage during a binary options talk…..


  8. Oskar
    Oskar sagte:

    Please help me!!! This is copyed from my reddit post:
    I accidentaly signed up on a site that I later realized where a bunch of scammers, now they wont leave me alone, they call atleast 15 times a day from different numbes, Ive blocked every single one. at first I answered and just said «you called the wrong person» and they hung up, now i just decline every phonecall I get but its still to much. Please help me fix this somehow!!

    PLEASE, Do I have to change number?

  9. Marc
    Marc sagte:

    You are so great ! Thanks for exposing this SCAM! I was looking at a website and then I received the information about a software too good to be true!
    I just filled out my phone number and yes, in a minute some guy with Indian accent was calling me and asked for my credit card or Visa data. I told him that I could not give it as I was not at home. (I had my BIG doubts….!! So that’s why I did not give him the info).
    My advice is NEVER buy something that looks to good to be true… 99,99% it is not true!

  10. Mybigfault
    Mybigfault sagte:

    I’m wondering it was promoted at trusted page. I know a lot what should a user do and what not at the internet. But it was like a black out and all considered thrown overboard for that moment. Later the brain came back and i recognized my mistake.

  11. Dootsie
    Dootsie sagte:

    I am from Romania and I use to leave near the address mention as HQ for ACV Operation SRL. As you can see on Google street view is a residential aria, mostly. There is an Ltd registered there but is a kindergarten and next to it is a dentist cabinet. I check on different Romanian websites And I found a Ltd. with a similar name, but at a different address, 17 Baba Novac st. , sector 4, Bucharest. It is a flat building. The company domain of activity is ”web portals”. Also the owner and the management is not a person but an other economic entity registered in the Marshall Island.

  12. The naive
    The naive sagte:

    Thank you for your article ! Gave my email and phone number but not credit cards. Within minutes some fast talking guy called and tried to get more information.

  13. mikaeLa
    mikaeLa sagte:

    I gave my number too and my email. Right away they called me. Does not even have introduction, «is there someone you can borrow money to?» I have chatted first that time stating $250 is a lot and dont have it. When I heard Indian/African accent (i dont knw, not being racist here) there I had my doubts . and there I gotta read these fraud/scam info about binary whut ? Hehe ..

    I cant even unregister on their page. Can we do that ? Or will they stop bothering me since I cannot give anyhting ?

  14. Asim
    Asim sagte:

    Thank God I am saved. I was planning to open an account but I prefer to research about it first and look what I am looking at. Thank you for the explanation. It is really helpful for many persons those who are looking forward to Investing some money in Binary Trading. In UAE on Khaleej Times almost every day, I am reading news about this Gates Ways. Just because of that I was curious if every day, the news is coming so maybe there is something that I can test and I was hoping to get some good results. Well, now that I know it’s a scam I will try to inform my friends too.

    Thank you so much once again,
    Have a good day..!

  15. Cris
    Cris sagte:

    Just registered and as previously mentioned here I immediately received a call, which I did not answer bec I found this article.. thanks for the enlightenment! I just wish I can delete or can undo my registration…

  16. Steffie
    Steffie sagte:

    They instantly call. I had within a minute a call from London, UK. I closed the site now and hope they’ll leave me alone but I doubt it. I hope I don’t have to change my number. I’m stupid, why didn’t I google first. lol

  17. sagte:

    I am just in a state of shock to be honest, invested in two Binary option companies and both brokers really took everything I had, worst of all they kept making me invest more at this stage I would really like to speak with others who have shared similar experiences they must be a way to catch these miscreants, please do reach out.


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